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You begin your free trial by signing up. If you sign up today you will have access to all BodySpaces PRO features for a full month, instead of two weeks, when we launch on June 26. Until then you will receive relevant information via email that will help you off to a good start. You can unsubscribe anytime. Three days before the end of your free trial we will email you to hear if you are satisfied and want to continue to use BodySpaces PRO. If you don’t choose to continue we would be grateful to hear why.

Yes, you can quickly add all your client information to your BodySpaces Client List from a csv file.

Not yet. We will have a great how-to video ready before we launch BodySpaces PRO on June 26. Sign up for a free trial and you will automatically be informed when it is ready.

A subscription to use BodySpaces PRO costs $49 a month. You can unsubscribe anytime within the month you have paid for and will not be charged the following month.

A subscription is valid for one user only. Once you have subscribed to our service as a paying customer you will be charged for one month at a time, and you will always pay a month ahead in time. We will automatically renew your monthly subscription unless you choose to cancel the subscription. You can cancel the subscription anytime. If you cancel on the day when the subscription is renewed you will be charged for the month starting that day.

Support & Feedback

Write us an email at We are eager to hear from you. We will get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours.

We know what you mean! BodySpaces does not require much effort to learn. Our best advice is very simple: Try for free – and then make a decision.

For sure! Send us an email at and we will get back to you asap and within 24 hours. We would love to hear any wishes or ideas you have.

Data Ownership & Security

Our company policy is that any information you provide about yourself is yours and any client data collected is theirs. BodySpaces will never sell, share or use any data without explicit consent from you or your client.

Yes, we are. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data you collect with BodySpaces. All data you collect is stored safely, only you can access your data and it is available whenever you need it.

We use encryption of data which means that all data transmitted between your device and our servers is unreadable to outsiders. To access your data everyone  needs a username and password and must go through our authentication process. We host all data on up-to-date Windows servers that are protected against unauthorised access by a firewall. Our servers are backed up every 24 h. Safeguarding every piece of data is our first priority.

Practitioner Advice about using Bodyimages

A bodyimage should only be taken with the client’s consent. It is our experience that clients understand the wish to be properly informed before making an assessment and respect the need to document and validate what happens over time.

We recommend that you do not. It can be daunting to all of us to see ourselves from an angle we have never seen before. Bodyimages can be very powerful so you must be diligent. Show your clients their bodyImage when you have a clear purpose after having examined them yourself. And when you do show them – be empathic and sensible.

Our advice is to collect bodyimages before each session. You never know when significant change has happened. Being consistent in collecting bodyimages will allow you to trust the visual data and use it confidently to validate your bodywork.

Results are rewarding and that is why we want to validate them. However you cannot and should not force them. We recommend that you trust your skills and respect the process. Accept what seems to be small changes and do not expect revolutions. Instead lay the ground for a healthy timely process of change where you take the number of treatments into account as well as the client’s adaptability for change.

We define results as change. This is always the most important and what BodySpaces is all about: Empowering you to validate your bodywork by documenting changes based on solid visual data.

BodySpaces Background & Holistic Health

No, it is an IT tool for you as a practitioner aiming to make competent and consistent holistic body assessments. It is relevant if you want to document and validate the results of your bodywork.

Holistic health is what happens when you work with the whole body in a consistent way over time. It is investing in human beings that want to learn how to build resilience and sustain the energy needed to continuously unfold life

Looking holistically at the body you can find new solutions, you would never find focusing only on its parts. BodySpaces is the IT tool that allows you to have an eye on the whole while treating the individual segments.

It is rewarding for you and your clients when the process is documented. Trust is built when you – with your client – can validate what has changed. Change takes time and does not come in a straight line. Being informed along the way brings motivation and clarity. We wish to empower you to trust the process of bringing holistic health to your clients.


✓ Client List Import
✓ Bodyimages Capture
✓ Anonymization Feature
✓ Snapshot & Timeline View
✓ Guides and Assessment Tool
✓ Session Note Option


Get access to all the BodySpaces PRO features when we launch June 26. Sign up today and get a full month instead of two weeks to try it.